Have you Herd About Us?   

Spirit and Soul Equine Assisted Activity Centre is based in Stenson, Derbyshire.  We provide equine assisted therapeutic services including; therapy, coaching, NLP  and interactive learning opportunities with horses to individuals, groups, businesses and families to promote positive mental health, wellbeing and team/personal development. We offer a bespoke and individual service to clients using innovative and unique methods.  


It all started back in May 2016 when Sarah, aged 27, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast cancer. (read more about Sarah's story and how horses helped her here). This massively changed her outlook on life. Whilst undergoing chemotherapy and various operations horses continued to be a major part of Sarah's life and she cared for them daily (despite people telling her not to!!). Sarah attributes her positive and upbeat attitude to her horses at the time (indirect equine therapy). Spirit and Soul was born at the end of 2016 as life's too short to not help other people and do what we love. Our values are very much represented by understanding what people can be going through, take a look. 



All our horses have come from different backgrounds, have felt pain and have each healed, emotionally and physically, meaning they are now in a place to help people.

Horses are prey animals and as such live in the moment.  They do not judge or hold grudges, they purely react to what is put in

front of them at a specific moment in time.  Horses can feel your heart beat from 4 feet away and can recognise how you feel and can hear your every move, mostly before you do.   Horses will mirror you and from that you can start to understand how do deal with issues or people on a daily basis. Understanding this enables you to engage with these beautiful animals and learn from our very wise, teaching herd. Being prepared to make changes means that you can find better ways of dealing with life and business and move forward in a positive way.

We support people overcoming difficulties such as:

·         Trauma

·         Illness

·         Dilemmas in life

·         Low confidence/ self esteem

·         Stress and anxiety

·         Loss/ change of direction


And many more......


We also work with people in self development in order to support them and

coach them to achieve their goals.


We deliver equine facilitated team building programmes, equine facilitated

corporate development courses and leadership coaching.  

(These courses do not involve horse riding).  


We offer a completely different and refreshing way of running these courses

which we are sure you will enjoy and want to do again.


We have grown from being just Sarah and a couple of horses,

to a team of people and volunteers and a herd of horses.