The new project

A great big thank you to all the help we had working on our new project plot, we are always looking for volunteers to help us with gardening. Take a look at these amazing before and after pics....

Launch of Business Sponsorship Programme

Today we are excited to announce that we launch our business sponsor programme Are you a local business that would like to give back to your community and support us so that we can offer places to people in need? Keep readying to find out how much you can benefit from being one of our business sponsors. Spirit and Soul Equine Assisted Activity Centre is a not for profit organisation and we rely on the generosity and kindness of business people just like you to support our work. You may be wondering how your business can support us and what are the benefits to you and your company. ​ We offer a business sponsorship package and in return for your kind generosity and investment you and your tea

Welcome to the Team

Today we officially welcome Cathy and Liz as Directors to the team. Both thoroughly enjoy helping care for the horses but each of them has a slightly different role here at Spirit and Soul. Welcome to the team ladies!! ​ Liz ​ Liz is a Qualified Occupational Therapist and brings with her over 30 years of experience in the care industry. She is also a master Reiki practitioner and teacher and can use shamanic practices to support people in their journey should they wish. ​ Liz had horses when she was younger, a Shetland named Whiskey! Whom she has fond memories of, she enjoys being around horses and believes they make her 'soul sing'. Liz has helped for some time with the herd at Spirit and S

find out more about Suzie

I’m Suzie but I’m also known as Miss Sabah – that’s my posh registered name. I’m part Arab which is why I’m so pretty and delicate. I’m a very sensitive girl and like to be treated gently otherwise you’ll make me worried. I unfortunately haven’t had the best life and have been passed around a lot. I’m no longer ridden as I had a poorly back due to one of my old owners and now I don’t like being ridden or even tack for that matter. That’s okay though, as I love going out for walks here at Spirit and Soul and have settled in well. I know I won’t be passed on again. The vets also found that I have a heart murmur but I love life and don’t let that stop me. I’m 10 years old. I’ve luckily found my

Find out more about Trevor

I’m Trevor but I’m also known as True Lover – that was my racing name. I’m the oldest (and wisest) here at Spirit and Soul so I have to keep all the young ones in line. I’m Sarah’s original horse and have been for years. As I said I was a race horse, I raced until I was 12, which is pretty old for a race horse but that’s just because I was so good at it. I won over £115,000 for my owners back then. At times I still think I’m a young racehorse, I never act my age. I unfortunately had a really nasty injury a couple of years ago, so now I enjoy therapy work and the odd light hack out but I’m very happy. I love extra strong mints and being around people. I'm still a young spirit at heart and hav

Find out more about Loki

I’m Loki but I’m also known as Cay Location – that was my race name. I finished racing in May 2016 as I was just too slow. Racing wasn’t my forte and to be quite honest I enjoy the more natural chilled out life and don’t go anywhere fast. I’m a rather chilled out boy, so people never believe how old I am. I'm only 4. I love working with children, I love being close to them and helping them. I came to Spirit and Soul for an easier life as I had an injury. I’m best friends with Trevor and like to go everywhere with him which is amazing as I’ve always been bullied by other horses. I have a very kind nature and pure energy. I have two sides, which makes me an excellent therapy horse. I am so sen

Find out more about Foxy

I’m Foxy but I’m also known as Foxy Lox. I’m one of the originals at Spirit and Soul and best friend to Trevor, we go back years! I’ve been here a while and love it. I came from a lady that didn’t really know that much about my breed so I was often described as a bit of a cheeky monkey. I’ll admit I could be rather stroppy. Whilst I still have my moments, I’m much better now. I’ll be absolutely lovely to you if you are feeding me or grooming me especially tickling all my itchy spots for me. I also love giving kisses so be prepared. Although I'm the smallest and youngest ( I've just turned 4) I've got a bit personality. I know I've got the cuteness factor and ill be honest I do play on it a l

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