Pain Management – All in the mind?

As I was listening to Radio 4 yesterday, my secret vice, the You and Yours discussion was around pain killer use. Everywhere I look at the moment there are pieces on the ‘Opiate Epidemic’ and ‘Pain killer addiction’. If you are interested in the discussions going on here are some good pieces at the end of this blog. These pieces will talk about the science, the GP experience and personal experiences. Here I want to talk about my chronic pain, how I am now a pain manager and pain killer free, despite having several chronic pain conditions. What I have learnt managing my pain for the last 5 years and hope that it can give you hope, insight or a new approach to try. A Brief History of Pain.

Weathering the Storm of Poor Health

Storm Erik is raging here, like a toddler whose been told ‘no’ one too many times, it is taking no prisoners. Trees, fences, wheelie bins – all are subject to its raging and screaming. The violence and changeability of the weather got me thinking about how we weather the storms of poor health. Your health could be elemental and raging because of a recent diagnosis, or recovery from a long or short battle with illness. You could suffer from a chronic condition that flares up or leaves your body constantly exhausted. You could have physical limitations that cause you pain. Your mind could be your battle ground, where you weather your tempest battling your own thoughts. All these weathers

Horses on Team Work

In case you’ve missed it here at Spirit and Soul we’ve moved into new premises in Derbyshire. If you have, seriously where have you been? Under a rock? Go sign up for our newsletters and follow our Social Media feeds. I’ll wait. Done? Right, so we’ve moved and moving 2 years worth of equipment, belongs and furniture alongside the horses was no small task. Let’s be honest, it was a massive task, and it was only going to be achieved with team work, leadership, planning and a fair bit of grit (oh and a fair few bruises and at least one bumped head!). The move for the horses was also a big deal. As prey animals horses are change adverse and new environments often leave them more on edge, sens

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