Everybody needs good NEIGHbours

By now I am sure you are aware that our project NEIGHbours is a finalist in the People’s Project in association with National Lottery and iTV! We have been all over social and local media asking you to vote for us. In today’s blog post we wanted to give you a few reasons why you should vote if you haven’t already and why you should convince your mum/friend/uncle/postman to vote for us if you have! What we do really works BUT we need more funds to make it work for more people - you're vote could buy us Transport, Pilot Programmes and a mobile Round Pen. Transport: We want to provide transport – one of the most common barriers to being able to access our services is simple transport. We are

What is a label?

For this years World Autism Awareness Week there has been a lot of focus on not seeing autism as a disability or difficulty but as a difference. That those who are given the label Autism are not ‘less able’ than others, just different and accepted and celebrated for those differences. Labels are something that society is full of. Autism, ADHA, BDP, Bi-Polar, depression, anxiety, disabled, downs syndrome, difficult, damaged, unlovable, cancer patient, survivor, pain sufferer. Some are given to us by professionals. Some we adopt ourselves. Some others give us without us even realising it. These labels can be helpful – they can help to explain why something is harder for us, or why we feel

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