Natural Horse Care – Why our hooves are ‘bare’

Our therapy herd are kept in as close to natural environment as possible. If you want to read more about the track system, we are setting up for our horses to encourage movement, foraging, roughage consumption, physical and emotional health for our horses please see our entry here: Natural Horse Care. “All horses can go barefoot – it is the owners who cannot…” Barefoot, Bitless and Whipless – Jane Antcliff-Wilson One part of their natural horse care is the hoof care. It is obvious to say that horses in the wild do not have some metal shoes pinned to their hooves. Shoes have been used conventionally to allow a horse to work on a variety of surfaces but as is often the way science now suppor

Take Notice

Our Wellbeing workshops use the 5 Ways of Wellbeing to theme each of the sessions following the framework developed by New Economics Foundation[1]. May’s workshop was on ‘Take Notice’ and our participants used time with the therapy herd and a mindful walk to practice really taking notice of themselves and those around them. The practice of taking notice can help to ground and settle emotions, providing a sense of calm and wellbeing. Here we talk through how taking notice whilst grooming and interacting with a horse we can feedback to ourselves creating a sense of calm and wellbeing. Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by emotion? Did you know that being present in that moment can real

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