About the Team

trevor- ex race horse now therapy horse

Trevor is a 20 year old ex race horse, who successfully raced until he was 12 years old winning  a lot of money for his owners at the time. He is the most experienced member of our herd and keeps all he young ones in line.


  Trevor has overcome past emotional trauma and  an injury and due to his injury he now does therapy work and the odd light hack.


Although he is 20 he is still a young spirit at heart and has a kind, caring nature. A true gentle giant. He is incredibly sensitive,  with lots of wisdom and can teach you a lot. He is usually the first horse people meet, as he usually puts people at ease, despite his size. 

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foxy the shetland

Foxy  is a 4 year old Shetland mare with a big personality. This little lady certainly has the cuteness factor and doesn't she know it. She loves keeping all the boys in line. Her favourite pastime is eating and she was rather put out when she had to go on a diet.

Foxy came from someone that didn't know that much about her breed which meant she was often described as a bit of a cheeky monkey. Whilst she still has her moments, she is much better now. She can be absolutely lovely to you if you are feeding her or grooming her itchy spots. She also love giving kisses so be prepared.


Foxy feeds off people, she is very good at teaching boundaries as everyone thinks oh isn’t she cute and gets in her space and shell come in yours. She can be cheeky, she can be stroppy and she can be lovely. It completely depends on the persons energy and how they interact with her.

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suzie the arab cross

Suzie is a 11 year old Arab cross. She's a very sensitive girl but a real sweetheart. Suzie has had a difficult past and has been passed around a lot, having had various foals and being a "difficult horse" to ride means she isn't a childs riding horse and so she's been sold on various times. Suzie has found her home here at Spirit and Soul and was kindly donated by her last owners, knowing that she will have a lovely home.

Suzie is a sweetheart but is also little miss independent. If your energy and intention isn't right she will not be caught, will not move and will not do what you want. She will not give you anything on a plate. She really has to trust you to do something for you which helps a lot of people quieten themselves and just understand horses body language.

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loki the ex racehorse

Loki is a 4 year old ex race horse who only finished racing in May 2016. Unfortunately racing wasn't his forte, he didn't like it and wasn't particularly fast so lost all the races he ran. This wasn't his intended path. Upon meeting Loki we were blown away by his  kind nature and energy. We knew there and then that he should be part of our herd.  Loki adores children and is a lovely gentle soul with them.

Loki has two sides, which makes him an excellent therapy horse. He is so sensitive and can pick up on what people really need to work on. He has no malice or no nasty intention in his body but will soon throw his weight around if people need a big looking obstacle.  Dependent on what people need he can be like a big dog following you around or he will test you.

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George is a 12 year old thoroughbred ex race horse, who raced unsuccessfully when he was young. George has had a difficult life, he has seen the darker sides of people and was sent through a 'dodgy horse auction' years back due to his issues. George is a very forgiving and trusting horse, you can make mistakes with him and he will forgive you, meaning you can learn a lot from and with him.

Having previously been beaten with metal poles its unbelievable how he lets people touch him. He has previously been described as "stressy and with numerous issues" however George has really settled here at Spirit and Soul.

George came from a lovely lady who no longer had time to work with him and his problems, he has various psychological issues related to his back and his saddle. He was kindly donated to Spirit and Soul knowing he would have a lovely home.  

rupert the therapy dog

Rupert is a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier and despite being a terrier and a small dog is incredibly people friendly. He'll be the first to greet you and will soon let you now where you are meant to go. He'll happily let you sit there and fuss him, play ball with him or just chill out in his company. He's got a big personality for such a little dog, so puts a smile on lots of peoples faces. For those people that come with others, Rupert keeps you company whilst we are working with clients. A little bit of dog therapy whilst you wait.