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Equine Assisted Development Retreats

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You Deserve a ReTREAT

Is 2021 the year you finally look after your own well-being and develop more than you ever have? 

Personal development at its finest. Imagine this, countryside, greenery, and an incredibly intuitive herd of horses to take you on a personal journey like never before. 

Lets not beat around the bush. Our Retreats are run by Sarah, our founder, which means you can expect huge changes, massive growth and some very deep rooted questions and growth BUT all for the greater good of ensuring you come out of one of our retreats transformed, enlightened and with what you wanted. 

If you are a busy, driven and successful woman who is feeling slightly overwhelmed and in need of a break or a breakthrough then the retreats are for you. 

We have one day, two day ( accommodation not included) and 5 day ( accommodation not included) options available. Delivered at our beautiful countryside setting. Lunch is included on all our retreats. 

Due to Covaid at this moment, our Winter retreats have been postponed until spring summer next year. Secure this years prices though by buying your gift voucher now.  Redeemable at any of our retreats in 2021. 

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Book your place on a 2021 retreat for yourself or someone else. 

1 day retreat space - £125

Book your place on a 2021 retreat for yourself or someone else. 

2 day retreat space - £195 ( early bird ends Jan 2021)