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Children's Services - Equine Assisted Learning and Development

We work with children on a 1-1 basis  or offer small groups during the year.  

At Spirit and Soul, we work with horses carrying out ground-based activities to deliver equine assisted learning and equine assisted therapy. There is no riding involved, no horse experience is needed and people who fear horses are encouraged to experience what we have to offer!


Our process provides the opportunity to develop:

  • Healthier relationships with family and friends.

  • Better understanding of socialising and play a more active role within their community.

  • The ability to recognise feelings whether it is their own or those around them and regulate their emotions and responses.

  • An understanding of healthy boundaries, to become more self-aware and recognise the impact they have on others and vice versa.

Individual Sessions: 

When looking at mental health, well-being and additional needs, there are many different labels and diagnoses and not all of them are helpful. That’s why we like to focus on the child we are working with and address aspects of their lives where we can support them in a positive way.

Here are just a few of the areas we can explore during these sessions

  • Anxiety – its impact and different ways it can be managed

  • Low confidence – how you portray yourself to the world

  • Low Self-esteem – how you feel and view yourself

  • Levels of engagement – socially, in school and educational settings, with family and friends

A personalised opportunity for one of our experienced facilitators to aid children in developing skills and overcoming barriers.  

Book a Taster Session Online now

We recommended a minimum of 6 sessions for children.  

The volume and frequency of sessions is dependent on each individual person we see as we always place the needs of the individual at the heart of what we do.  Some relationships can take a little longer to develop especially in cases where complex needs are concerned. Some people choose to continue to work with us on a longer-term basis where by once they have reached a comfortable place they call back for a top up session every now and again just to keep on an even keel.

Group Sessions 

Please get in touch to see when our next group is starting. We only Run a few groups a year.

The groups have no more than 8 children. Each session is 2 hours long and the programme is spread over 6 weeks.

Here are just a few of the areas we explore during the group programme:

  • How we view ourselves

  • Navigating social situations – working in groups, connecting with others

  • Anxiety – the different ways it presents itself, how it impacts on daily life and how it can be managed

  • Confidence – how we portray ourselves to the world

  • Self-esteem – how we feel and what we think about ourselves

  • Overcoming difficulty engaging in tasks

Investment :

Group sessions are priced at £199 per child for the full 6-week programme. Paid in full or split over 3 payments.  

Book a place now and Pay in full

Or pay in 3 instalments - select children's group as the package 

Please contact us with your details. 

Important Information: 

Sessions are set in the beautiful countryside ( please dress appropriately) 

Please allow an appointment time of approximately an hour

All ground based - no riding involved

No horse experience necessary

Please contact us  by email  or phone (07837257813) to book your session.