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Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday: Closed 

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Individual Session

Spirit and Soul Equine Assisted Activity centre offers individual sessions to people wanting to make meaningful and lasting changes to enrich, explore and embrace their lives.


This unique method of therapy is provided in bespoke sessions supported by the horses from our therapy herd.  Each session is tailored to your needs using Spirit and Soul’s individual delivery method combining Equine Assisted Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology and Coaching.  We will help you work towards overcoming your challenges to develop and fulfil your potential.


Our sessions appeal to those who are struggling with feeling anxious, untrusting of themselves or others, negative self-view and low confidence.  Individuals who recognise a need to change but feel fearful or have developed limiting beliefs about themselves make up a large proportion of those who seek support at Spirit and Soul.

Working with a limited number of people at a time we will tailor our sessions to your needs, providing a bespoke therapy with lasting, and life-changing results.


If you have found yourself nodding, recognising yourself or being intrigued at how we can help you to move forward with your goals then please contact us for a chat or to book a taster session to experience the impact of Equine Assisted Therapy in person.  Feeling really is believing.


Why Horses?

Horses offer a non-judgemental environment to provide emotional feedback to our clients in the moment. This instant feedback from the horses is essential in identifying and exploring inner obstacles.  You can think you have ‘let go’ of a feeling, but our equine therapist will tell you when you have really let go.  Throughout the sessions, the instant emotional feedback and mindful activities based on the horses ‘in the moment’ existence helps clients to develop a toolkit (or grooming kit).  This toolkit includes but is not limited to relaxation techniques, the ability to recognise, process and regulate emotions and lead to increased clarity, confidence, opportunities and healthier relationships.


These experiential sessions delivered outdoors, in beautiful surroundings, are powerful and challenging.  If you want to see the changes our horses can help you to make please get in touch for a chat or to book your taster session.


Our sessions are:

  • Suitable for anyone wanting to make lasting changes and improvements to their life, mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Set in beautiful countryside (which can be chilly or sunny so please dress appropriately when you come)

  • All ground based – no riding involved

  • No horse experience necessary.


This sounds amazing. What next?


A Taster Session.

You have identified that you want to learn more or have a go at making the first step to wellness.  Contact us for a chat or to book a taster session.  Taster sessions are £60, which is deducted from the package price when you decide to continue.

We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs if you are chomping at the bit feel free to look at our packages and sign up.  All services are available on payment plans, please contact us if you would like to learn more.