Corporate Days, Team Building and leadership development
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Our team building days provide businesses with the opportunity to explore, develop and improve leadership, communication, personal growth, corporate culture and teamwork within their organisations.  This bespoke training actively includes horses as they make for the ideal learning partner giving natural responses and honest feedback instantly.  

Exercises with the horses can help us build successful relationships. They can teach us about demonstrating patience, trust  and showing the ability to remain in control of our emotions. As a result, these exercises can be particularly useful in groups, for friends or co-workers.

Corporate training and business memberships help you, your company and your local community.

As a not for profit company with social objectives the fees received from businesses go towards offering reduced price sessions  for those who can't afford them but really need our help.

  • Based in the beautiful countryside ( please dress appropriately) 

  • No horse riding  - all ground based exercises

  • No horse experience necessary 

Please get in touch / 07837257813 to discuss your needs, cost is dependent on the amount of delegates and therefore length of time required.