A big part of what we do here at Spirit and Soul is ensuring that those in need can access what we do. 

So how can we help you? 

If you're an organisation looking for support for a service user see our groups page. We are also able to offer individual support, please get in touch with your requirements. 


If you're living with or beyond cancer, thanks to Macmillan you can access our services - find our more here

For children, Specifically those with a parent with a prolonged period of ill health, we have funded places on our children in need groups. Find our more here. We also work individually with children, please contact us for more details. 

We work with regional third sector and charity organisations to offer our services to those in need. We work with people with complex needs, accessing the Opportunity and Change programme through their delivery partners. We are a provider of group therapies. See more about the programme here

We work with two separate NHS teams to offer groups to their patients. Please note you must already be a patient under the teams we work with to access the groups. 

A HUGE part of the charitable work we do are the horses we rehome. All of our herd have been donated, due to their own problems and we rehabilitate them to be bale to work with people. To continue to support our herd, and ensure they receive all the care they need you can sponsor them. We do a number of fundraising events each year to help cover their costs.