Programmes For Individuals 


Working with both children and adults, Spirit and Soul work with horses delivering ground-based Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Assisted Therapy in both an individual and group setting.  There is no riding involved in our sessions and people who are wary or fearful of horses are encouraged to come and experience what we have to offer.


On an individual basis we are able to support people who may struggle to attend groups or where an organisation only has s small number of people to refer, individual session can be arranged. 

Group Programmes for your Organisations 


Working with individuals with complex needs? Supporting people recovering from mental ill health, domestic abuse, substance abuse or trying to get back into employment? We have a programme of group sessions that can help your clients to make lasting, impactful changes to their lives and achieve their desired outcomes. commission us to run a group just for your clients. 


We have worked with many different groups of people and can provide review reports demonstrating the effective outcomes provided by these groups.  We’ve supported individuals to grow in confidence and gain employment, reduce anxiety and reduce their need for CPN or OT involvement, alongside increasing positive feelings of wellbeing in all attendees.


We offer unique programmes for your clients, working with you to ensure the course you commission meets the needs of your organisation and clients.  The basic course covers:


  • Horse care skills

  • Horsemanship skills

  • Therapeutic activities with horses

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Equine Assisted Learning exercises to promote and develop life skills, including:

    • Teamwork

    • Self-confidence

    • Trust

    • Patience

As standard we also provide the opportunity to develop:


  • Healthier relationships with friends and family.

  • A better understanding of socialising and the ability to play a more active role within the community.

  • The ability to recognise feelings and emotions, internally and externally and then regulate them and their responses to them.

  • Understand healthy boundaries, with greater self-awareness and recognition of the impact of behaviour on others and of others behaviour on the self.

Our courses are run over 10/12 weeks and we can offer full or half day options depending on your requirements, with up to 10 participant places available. Spirit and Soul provide your organisation with attendance reports and a full review at the end of each programme.


We offer:

  • A beautiful countryside setting (clients will need to dress appropriately for the weather)

  • Heated welfare facilities, access to toilets and a classroom for indoor activities.

  • All staff are experienced with full DBS check and first aid training.

  • Ground-based exercises – no horse riding.

  • No previous horse experience needed.

To find out how we can help your organisation achieve excellence in supporting your clients please contact us .