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I’m Suzie but I’m also known as Miss Sabah – that’s my posh registered name. I’m part Arab which is why I’m so pretty and delicate. I’m a very sensitive girl and like to be treated gently otherwise you’ll make me worried.

I unfortunately haven’t had the best life and have been passed around a lot. I’m no longer ridden as I had a poorly back due to one of my old owners and now I don’t like being ridden or even tack for that matter. That’s okay though, as I love going out for walks here at Spirit and Soul and have settled in well. I know I won’t be passed on again. The vets also found that I have a heart murmur but I love life and don’t let that stop me.

I’m 10 years old. I’ve luckily found my home here at Spirit and Soul and I was kindly donated by my last owners, knowing that I will have a lovely home.​

I'm a sweetheart but I'm also little miss independent. If your energy and intention isn't right I will not be caught, will not move and will not do what you want. I will not give you anything on a plate, no matter how nicely you speak to me. I really have to trust you to do something for you which helps a lot of people quieten themselves and just understand horses body language.

I love working with people to help them understand their emotions and move on from emotional problems an traumas.

I'm Suzie and I will help you understand your emotions and support you in moving forward to a more positive you.

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