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I’m Trevor but I’m also known as True Lover – that was my racing name. I’m the oldest (and wisest) here at Spirit and Soul so I have to keep all the young ones in line. I’m Sarah’s original horse and have been for years.

As I said I was a race horse, I raced until I was 12, which is pretty old for a race horse but that’s just because I was so good at it. I won over £115,000 for my owners back then. At times I still think I’m a young racehorse, I never act my age. I unfortunately had a really nasty injury a couple of years ago, so now I enjoy therapy work and the odd light hack out but I’m very happy. I love extra strong mints and being around people.

I'm still a young spirit at heart and have a kind, caring nature. A true gentle giant. I am incredibly sensitive with lots of wisdom and can teach you a lot.

I love helping people let go of traumatic pasts and move forward loving themselves. I don't let my injury bother me even though I have a mechanical lameness and walk slightly differently from everyone else now so I offer other people to move forward loving themselves regardless of their situation.

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