Ciaran's Story- My Journey Until Now

Spirit and Soul Equine Assisted Activity Centre is a place of wellbeing where people can grow and develop in a safe and professional environment. We offer Equine Assisted Learning, Therapy, Leadership Development and Team building. One of our clients, Ciaran has been coming to us since September last year and now comes to us 3 days a week on work experience. This is Ciaran’s story.

My Journey Until Now

When I first came to Spirit & Soul,

I didn’t really set myself a goal.

My confidence was very low,

Assertiveness I did not know.

I wasn’t too keen on touching a horse,

And didn’t like to talk of course.

I spent an agility day with Foxy,

In terms of fun I sure had lotsy.

Musical bumps I played with Loki,

Played at statues and hokey kokey.

I’ve helped train horses and taught them stuff,

Now I’ve got it off the cuff.

As of now I talk much more,

My confidence began to soar.

The horses help me sit and chill,

Trying stuff I’m more at will.

I now find horses much more fun,

It’s really got me off my bum.

The horses are sensitive, friendly and clever,

Biting and kicking is something they never.

The staff are helpful, clever and kind,

Spirit & Soul is the place to unwind.

The shed is cozy, the barn full of hay,

Never here have I had a bad day!

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