Konik Ponies

So were lucky enough here to have two beautiful Konik Ponies. One of our learners, Ciaran has completed a bit of research about them so we can find out a little more about their breed.

· They originate from Poland.

· They have a strong and stocky build.

· They have a small head with a straight profile.

· Their neck is set low out of their chest.

· They have quite a deep chest and quite a thick mane.

· Their coat is a grey/off white colour.

· They are about 12.3 - 13.3 hands (130 - 140cm) tall.

· Konik’s weigh around 350 - 400kg (770 - 800lbs).

· Konik's are used in some places in England as conservation tools

· Konik’s were used as transport in world war 1 by German and Russian troops.

· The konik breed is semi-feral.

About our Konik Ponies:


Sky is 7 years old and (with Linnet) arrived at spirit & soul on the 28th of January 2018. Sky is quite reserved and a bit less keen on new stuff than Linnet.


Linnet is 3 years old and (with Skye) arrived at spirit & soul on 28th January 2018. Linnet is a very playful and quite daft pony, although (like all our horses) she is very fun to work with.

Both are now starting their training to be therapy and learning horses, as well as further domestication training and ridden training.

Well keep you up to date with their progress, so do keep checking back or follow our social media streams :)

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