Sharing a Mindfulness Walk with you

We are sharing a recent mindfulness walk from one of our groups, so you can transport yourself into the beautiful countryside location where we are based.

As we stand for a moment to begin our journey, Rupert the dog impatient to move on. We ‘drink in’ the outdoors for a few minutes. We can hear the birds with their different songs, tweets, caws and melody all wrapped up. We can feel the cool, chilly wind on our skin and the squelchy mud underfoot. There is a smell of manure and grass and fresh air with feelings of openness and freedom. We hear the gentle hum of the distant traffic being brought in waves on the breeze.

As we start our walk we see the horses spread out grazing without a care. As we head up the sloping green field we pass tired wooden chicken sheds and can hear the cows in the far fields. We can see the jagged horizon made up of the tree skeletons rising like different shaped feathers into the sky. We spot the gate and then pass through, the horses follow like guardians. We hear their hooves in the mud. We see the two spectacular Monkey Puzzle trees standing tall with its crazy, spikey tails. We are free.

Continuing through the changing terrain we pass the crisp dry nettles and scuff through the rough, longer grass, more yellow than before. A deep carpet of crispy crunchy, nutty brown oak leaves greets us before the second gateway. Over the brow of this field now and to the nestled woodland entrance we head. The sound of bubbling water can be head from the little stream as it makes its way past us. We catch quick glimpses of the rippling water as we pass through the next gate. What’s this, a bear perhaps, wooden of course?

We are now sheltered by the woodland canopy and thin branches striving towards the sunlight up above. We take the opportunity to feel the different tree bark and mossy textures. Holding, hugging tree trunks and being grounded by their peaceful atmosphere. Thought provoking, happiness giving, trouble absorbing. The trees are strong and tranquil against the cracking sound of smaller twigs underfoot. We reach the other end of the woodland path, the light increasing as we approach and bust into another field. We see a giant tree, a mighty tree, no longer standing but giving back to the earth in many ways. Now it is home to other life, the bugs the fungi and a shelter for others. Small stones make a crunching sound as we walk along the holly and berry lined hedgerow. Splish, splash, splosh, the puddles are fun (not just for kids).

Being outside is exciting and carefree. We are thankful for life and feeling it fully. We head out the last gate and reach the hard tarmac road. We amble back to the farm and find the welcome retreat of the cabin with the fire still burning, waiting for our return.

We are back.

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