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Like death and taxes, a certainty in life but rarely one anyone looks to with delight and excitement. A fear of change can often be one of life’s biggest barriers to living the life we want to, doing that exciting job, moving abroad, dying our hair. Change big or small can be challenging and frightening. Change is something that we feel the need to manage so completely there is now a whole industry of change management, there are books, experts, websites and motivational quotes flooding the internet. All this information would suggest we should now be experts at managing change, or if we are not, we should get someone in to do it for us, like our tax return, leave it to the experts.

What if change didn’t need to be the big beast in the corner. What if you could identify your goal, a new job, a sporting achievement, a life goal, and step boldly forwards towards it, allowing the universal powers of attraction bring you to the right moment to embrace the next step.

Here at Spirit and Soul we have some exciting changes coming up, and we are busy preparing ourselves and our horses for them so we thought we could share some of the things we are doing, and how we have invited and encouraged the positive changes to come to the business and ourselves.

  1. Redefine fear to excitement. That butterfly feeling in your stomach, the nervous energy - there is a very fine line between excitement and fear. Choose how you want to see that energy, something positive and exciting tingling through you is much more manageable than a fear of the unknown.

  2. Work out your barriers. What is stopping you? Is it practical or emotional? Mark it, even physically map it out in front of you, and work out how you can walk past them. How will it feel to have reached your goal? How does it feel to be at the start of your journey? Which feeling do you want to have? Let that motivate you to make those first steps.

  3. Be in the moment. A fear of change is often linked with a worry about the future or past misfortunes. Focusing on the moment you are in, the breath you are taking, the next ten steps your feet will take can make it manageable. As always be more horse.

  4. Break it down. Got a goal. It seems unachievable. Break it down, believe in it, take each step. Suddenly you are where you want to be and have achieved more than you think possible.

  5. Believe. A horse can clear a huge fence, think puissance, there is skill and training yes, but in that moment, there is belief. Their rider’s belief and the horse’s belief that carries them over the seemingly impossible. With no knowledge of their landing, the horse trusts their rider to lead them safely over – not doubting, just perfectly in the moment with their rider.

So here at Spirit and Soul as we prepare for new adventures in Yorkshire and Derbyshire we are redefining, identifying and negotiating our barriers, being more in the moment, breaking it down to manageable chunks and importantly we are believing. Trusting in the universe that we are going exactly where we need to be for our clients, our horses and ourselves.

So that is what we humans are doing to prepare for change, and some ideas on how you could manage changes you are facing. What about our equine companions, how do they feel about change?

Horses are by nature neophobes. As prey animals the new and the unfamiliar can be dangerous and as such is frequently treated with suspicion (sounding familiar). We help to prepare our horses for all sorts of new encounters through training and sensitive handling. The only way to help an animal with natural suspicion of the new is to teach them to trust the new won't hurt them through frequent exposure. Our horses are exposed to new things gradually, in small chunks, so they become familiar and trusting. We will also keep our expectations for the horses the same and manage their diets accordingly. Keeping our horses naturally and treating them appropriately means they have the resilience to manage change. Being in the moment means that whilst the new and unfamiliar is unsettling for them it does not come with the prolonged anxiety fearing change can bring. As always, their welfare is our priority and we will be ensuring that for them the new adventures are within their comfort zone.

We are excited for our new adventures and would love to hear what new exciting adventures you have coming up.

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