Horses on Team Work

In case you’ve missed it here at Spirit and Soul we’ve moved into new premises in Derbyshire. If you have, seriously where have you been? Under a rock? Go sign up for our newsletters and follow our Social Media feeds. I’ll wait.

Done? Right, so we’ve moved and moving 2 years worth of equipment, belongs and furniture alongside the horses was no small task. Let’s be honest, it was a massive task, and it was only going to be achieved with team work, leadership, planning and a fair bit of grit (oh and a fair few bruises and at least one bumped head!).

The move for the horses was also a big deal. As prey animals horses are change adverse and new environments often leave them more on edge, senses heightened as they assess the dangers of their new environment. For our herd they had one advantage, they were moving as a herd. They could use each other to help them settle and navigate the change. Whilst the humans were rushing around with boxes and brooms, the horses fell back on their natural instincts and herd structure. Trevor is the leader of our herd. He was amongst the first horses to be moved to the new yard and guided the movements of the others over the first few days. He led them to water, he helped them find the best spots to escape the midges and to graze. During this time his consistent leadership let the others relax into their new environments. Individually they branched out in their own time to explore, find their own favourite rolling spot and settle.

Watching them pull together and take comfort from each other reminds us of the power of being part of a team, and of how working together we can achieve great things. This could be seen from the human herd during the move. Roles naturally appeared, delegating tasks Sarah steered the ship with drive and vision, knowing exactly how her vision for the new home of Spirit and Soul should be put in place. People naturally fell into roles where they could be the most useful, be that lifting 5 bar gates or making well needed cups of tea when everyone was flagging. By working together, the transition for the horses was as seamless as possible. By Monday all the horses were settled and happy in their routine. No mean feat for a herd that contains several ex-racers, an Arab and a feisty Shetland. The consistency in their herd and care meant that they were ready to welcome their first group session on Wednesday and continue their work helping people to be their best selves.

Whilst everyone worked hard, it was also important at the end of the move to celebrate the work done and the achievement. Working together as a team the horses and humans of Spirit and Soul, and their helpers, navigated potentially stressful situations through clear communication, humour and clear roles, when everyone works towards the same goal amazing things are possible.

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