Everybody needs good NEIGHbours

By now I am sure you are aware that our project NEIGHbours is a finalist in the People’s Project in association with National Lottery and iTV! We have been all over social and local media asking you to vote for us. In today’s blog post we wanted to give you a few reasons why you should vote if you haven’t already and why you should convince your mum/friend/uncle/postman to vote for us if you have!

What we do really works BUT we need more funds to make it work for more people - you're vote could buy us Transport, Pilot Programmes and a mobile Round Pen.


We want to provide transport – one of the most common barriers to being able to access our services is simple transport. We are in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside next to Stenson canal. It’s beautiful and peaceful but for those without transport planning the logistics to get to our site can be a barrier. We want to have dedicated transport so we can collect people and get them to our site. We are all about removing barriers here at Spirit and Soul – this is one we would love to step over.

Access to Pilot Programmes:

The proof is in the pudding – we want to put on more pilot programmes. For that we need more staff and resources, we need the horse to pull the apple cart but to buy that we need to sell more apples. See the problem. We have people and organisations who want our services, and those who are interested in what we do. We want to be able to show them how effective our sessions are and allow more people to be their best selves. The funding from the People’s Project will enable us to employ additional staff to run these sessions.

Location, Location, Location:

Let’s get mobile – The NEIGHbours project will enable us to build a mobile round pen. With this added to our toolbox we can take our services to people. Enabling us to run pilot sessions and reach those who are not able to attend our Derbyshire site. A Spirit and Soul roadshow anyone?

Happiness experts seem to unanimously agree that doing nice things for people actually increases your own wellbeing and pro-social behaviour. By voting for us you are giving hundreds of people (maybe even thousands one day) the chance to access services which can really help them. A Pretty monumental good deed! Go on, give yourself some good karma!


We are so grateful to everyone who has already voted!

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