Foxy on... Body Image

Hello, Foxy here, the human team in Spirit and Soul have let me loose on this blog, and this week I am talking about the Mental Health Awareness theme of ‘Body Image’. So, with the help of our human team members here are some fabulous Foxy facts, alongside what we as a therapy herd have learnt about ‘body image’ through our work.

First let me introduce myself to those of you who haven’t met me. I am Foxy, a Shetland pony who has been part of the Spirit and Soul team since the beginning. Don’t let my size fool you, I am full of personality and I love to keep everyone in line, after food. I REALLY love food, its beautiful… ahem… I am looking forward to my post blog snack.

So, body image, it is something that we come up against a lot in our therapy sessions with people, and something we help them to overcome as they work with us. The first thing I would like to say is, we don’t care what I on the outside. Two eyes, no eyes, tall, short, scarred, hairy, hairless or even sporting a fetching mullet your external form to us is not an evaluated thing.

When I look at you, I see your heart rate, your intention, your kindness or anger. I react based on those things, week in week out. Your face can change, your body but the you I see stays the same. I’m not very good at spotting if you are wearing the current ‘on trend’ clothing, but I can tell if what you are wearing makes you happy (and is comfortable).

I am often described as cute and cheeky, my chestnut coat and small size give people this impression before they have got to know me. The others in the herd know that I am a lady with strong boundaries and a big personality. I like to know where I stand and respect those who understand that. We find people initially are often more ‘worried’ about the bigger herd members – looking at their size but failing to see the gentleness of Loki or the ever-trusting nature of George.

In the herd we all accept each other for our role, and skill set. It makes no sense for a Shetland to judge their speed against a Thoroughbred, we are different but equal. This is a lesson we want to share with you, you are uniquely you, the inside and the out. We see the inner you, which is happiest when you are at peace with the you presented to the world. Your skin, your scars, your hair and your size are simply facets that with no intrinsic value of good or bad – you give it that value. You would not criticise my striking coat for not being as unusual as Skye’s – show yourself the same kindness.

Now I'm off for my massage, don't forget to plan some self care into your weekend.

Foxy xx

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