Foxy On... Apple Bobbing

Hello Foxy fans, I’ve once again made a break for it and can put my hooves to the keys and tell you about my adventures.

The last fortnight has been an exciting one here at Spirit and Soul, one of our regular groups finished, and the transformations were amazing to see, as was the beautiful card we were sent. The herd really appreciate the thanks and the love we get from those who come and work with us. It was brilliant to see the humans all working together as a herd, even if we were confused at their being a human in the hay barrow!

At the weekend we were all involved in teaching a group of humans how to ‘notice’ the amazing things around them, and about themselves. The bigger horses enjoyed a wander down the field with the group who attended the Wellbeing Workshop and were delighted to all rush past together to demonstrate leaving the negative behind!

The rest of the weekend the human team members of Spirit and Soul seemed busy sweeping, bustling and moving hay bales around. We were intrigued at all the activity. No intrigued enough to stop eating and help mind, just to gaze knowingly at them as they kept themselves out of trouble.

On Monday bunting appeared. And cakes! I love cake but am always told its not for horses, deeply unfair if you ask me, carrot cake must be made for us, we LOVE carrots. After the bunting the people arrived. Big and small came, I’m certain just to see me and my beautiful mane. Skye and Linnet hung out with the smaller humans getting their coats brushed and some extra cuddles. George went with Sarah to show everyone what we do. The humans looked like they were having an amazing time decorating pebbles, munching cakes and talking to the Spirit and Soul human team about how we can help people overcome their life obstacles.

There was, however, a highlight of the Open Day. It turns out I am an expert Apple Bobber, an activity where a pony must retrieve an apple from a barrel filled with water! What an amazing game – I think it's something we should do far more often!

The main things we’ve learnt this week as a herd is that when humans really stop and take notice of all the things around them and their bodies they become much calmer and the need to move our feet and fidget around them decreases. We really enjoy being groomed slowly, calmly and feel how the humans slow down their breathing and heart rates as they do. So this week look around you and see what you notice about your surroundings and your body.

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