New Beginnings

All round the country children, and parents, are going back to school, starting new school years, new schools or their very first day. Something about September brings in a feeling of starting over, returning to the routine of life. To me it conjures images of new stationary, new school routines and a sense I could be and do anything I wanted to be this year – this would be the year I would be more organised, get better grades or simply fit in. Funnily enough as a parent to a school age child these are still my September resolutions. A sense that this is an opportunity to be something new. In order to be something new we need to let go of the old. Nature in Autumn gives us a beautiful lesson in that every year. As the trees leaves turn into a cascade of beautiful colours, creating a carpet of leaves and a new habitat and through the process of those leaves becoming part of the soil and ecosystem nourishing the trees through the winter.

What can we learn from this lesson? That it can be beautiful to let go of things that are no longer needed. That in letting go we provide ourselves with the source, and opportunity, for further growth and change. The trees are not angry at their leaves, they are grateful for the growth and life those leaves have given them. Now, however, it is time for them to provide a new purpose and the trees to pause, regroup and grow for the winter. They let go of the leaves with gratitude. Grateful for the energy provided throughout the spring and summer. The fruit grown, the seeds ready to hunker down for their spring growth.

What can this mean for us? This time of year can be a good time to look at decluttering, not just your desk or your purse or your wardrobe, but also your thoughts, habits and beliefs. Look around you and see what no longer serves your purpose. To let go with gratitude is a powerful exercise and at the start of a new term and a new season is a perfect time. Thank your summer clothes for the light, airy coverage they have given you this beautiful summer and put them away, or donate to charity, or on a selling site and then look with excitement at the warmer winter knits and boots for autumn.

Take this inventory process internally as well. What thoughts and beliefs do you hold that are no longer serving you, or will not serve you in this new season. Without judgement now is the perfect time to reflect on those thoughts, thank them for protecting you, guiding you and the role they have had in your life and then let them go. This can be a belief about yourself, others or the universe. Our minds are unable to distinguished been our thoughts, so will always believe what we tell them. By letting go of those thoughts and beliefs that aren’t helping us to be the person we want to be, we create a space to replace that with positive thoughts about ourselves, our futures and our lives.

I have taken this pause into the new school term to clear the clutter from my workspace, change round the uniforms and have a pile to go to charity. Internally I’ve taken the time to look at what has been limiting me, patterns that have had their season in my life. I feel ready for the abundance of the autumn season, embracing the cooler mornings, fireworks night and the excitement of the first crisp frost.

So take this time, adult and child, to look at what this season of change can inspire us to let go of and what we want to fill that space with. We can choose what we fill it with, so chose what inspires you, makes you feel confident and bold. We would love to hear what you are looking forward to this Autumn.

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