Communication at its best....

Communication takes place in so many different ways.

As humans we place a high level of importance on our ability to speak, often overlooking the fact that we have access to a number of other methods of communication . We often struggle when language barriers are present or when it comes to recognising and discussing our emotions. it is almost as though we have forgotten that there are so many other ways we convey things aside from the spoken word.

Horses are the opposite, whilst they can and do communicate vocally in their own way, is not their number one method of conversation.

Body language, facial expression, movement and all physiological responses are their bread and butter.

They are built this way for their own survival. They are able to recognise events, assess if their is any danger and communicate across the herd all without saying a word and with barely any movement.

This is why when working with a horse in a therapeutic capacity it’s quite normal for so much to take place without it seeming as though a lot has physically or verbally happened.

Pausing, breathing and coming back in to the moment creates such an opportunity for change and growth without a single word being spoken.

The way that you carry yourself, how much tension you hold and speed of your movements are all things that horses read moment to moment.

A horse can sense your heart beat from 4ft away but they can also read your body language from across the field (or in our case from down the track).

They watch for the subtle indications as to where you’re attention lies.

Are you focused here and now in the present moment?

Or are you stuck in an anxiety cycle constantly going over the same things, fighting the worries that pop in to your head?

Anxieties and worries that can become so second nature that we don’t realise that’s where our attention lies.

How can you talk about something that’s such an habitual thought that it’s just become a normal way to feel?

With horses you don’t have to talk. They know. They know instinctively. And they know when you make the small changes too.

These incredible animals are the link to correcting our way of thinking and being. To finding new approaches to communicating with not just others but ourselves as well.

They show us when it’s the inner voice who speaks to us with compassion and when it’s our worries, fears, anxieties and self judgement. They can help you turn up the volume of the former and turn down the volume on the latter.

This is just one small element of how horses help us heal, grow and learn to communicate in a better way.

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