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The Benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy

The benefit of equine assisted therapy is becoming more

well-known and established within literature and research.

A horse is non- judgmental and helps to build confidence

where people may not feel this is true of a person to person

therapy session. It can be a life changing experience for some

people and can help:

  • Self confidence

  • Overcome fear

  • Communication

  • Empowerment

  • Self awareness

  • Coping and decision making skills

  • Relief from burdens

  • Ability to deal with grief/ bereavement 

From a Spirit and Soul point of view we see people grow in confidence and overcome fear.  We hear peoples’ communication improve as they feel their confidence growing.

The Benefits of Equine assisted Learning/ Therapeutic Horsemanship

Research and trial studies have shown that generic skills based activities with horses, such as learning and using natural horsemanship skills, learning about horse behaviour, care, handling and grooming have helped to develop peoples’ skill levels. 

These skills are transferable to work skills as well as helping to reduce stress levels and reduce anti-social behaviours in certain client groups.

Clients report a range of developed skills which they can clearly see transfer to everyday life such as:

  • self esteem

  • assertiveness

  • Trust

  • Patience

  • Goal setting/ ambition

  • Goal achieving

  • Problem solving skills

  • Increased social skills

From a Spirit and Soul point of view we watch people grow in confidence and can feel their excitement as they start to tackle their issues and become the person they want to be.